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What Did Cypriots search for in Google in 2019?

Google trends cyprus 2019

What Did Cypriots search for in Google in 2019?

Can you guess what topics and queries did Cypriots searched for in 2019 in Google?

We have analyzed the popularity of top rising search queries in Google Search through Google Trends. Google Trends is a free tool that provides important data for top search queries across various regions and languages.

Below we present the top 5 rising search queries and search topics of 2019.

Top 5 Search queries

As for the top rising search results, GESY (ΓΕΣΥ) search query was the query with a tremendous increase in search frequency (first two results). Especially in the official launch on GESY during the first semester of 2019, we can see a huge increase in interest.

“Eurovision 2019”, “alpha news”, and “epic” complete the 5 top rising queries.

Top 5 Search topics

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