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Web Design Trends 2015

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Web Design Trends 2015

Here is our list of top web design trends to look for in 2015:

1. Responsive Design (flexibility)A big part of designing a website is ensuring its flexibility. With almost 60% of American adults owning a smartphone, it’s crucial for any business to build their website using responsive design. If a user can’t easily browse your website on their mobile device, they most likely won’t be coming back. With new smart devices coming out all the time, designers must adapt to the ensure content is appropriately sized for any device users may be on.
Here is a great infographic about responsive design

2. Scrolling instead of clicking
Connecting to the importance of responsive design, longer pages allowing users to scroll instead of click proves more effective and enjoyable for mobile users. Not only do long pages cut down on load time, but they are easier to use and allow for more dynamic interactions with the user. SEO is also positively impacted by longer pages keeping users on the first page (homepage) longer. Scrolling will always win over clicking and segues great into our next trend, storytelling.

3. Storytelling
Guiding users through your website with long dynamic pages really connect with current and potential customers. Storytelling gives users insight which helps them relate to your brand.

4. Simplicity
Say more with less. Focusing on mature clean design makes for a seamless, elegant user experience. Probably the most famous simple design out there is Apple. Focusing on the product and highlighting important content helps direct users through the site.
Article Source: pointit

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