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Web Design Mistakes you should Avoid

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Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Web Design Mistakes you should Avoid

This article presents a list of some common, controversial, and often forgotten mistakes that web desingers not only in Cyprus but worldwide are made in web development. Most of them will apply to any website or blog.

1. The most common mistake is that a lot of people think that the website works by it’s own. Even if you achieve the perfect website you still have to take steps to market that site.

2. Avoid Intro pages in your website. Yes it is fancy in some cases, but is a big mistake for the SEO of the website.

3. Make sure that the website is compatible with the most common browsers. In some cases you should check compatibility and with different versions of a browser. Internet explorer is one of them.

4. Hidden text can be a nightmare for the SEO of your website. Search engines are more clever than you can imagine.

5. Slow loading pages. Visitors will quickly move on to a different webpage if yours doesn’t load quickly enough. Attempt to trim your pages down so even the visitors with the worst internet connection can access information is always a good idea.

6. Get a sitemap. Sitemaps are simply a page with list of the most important or all of the pages on your website. Creating an XML Sitemap file for your site helps search engines discover the pages on your site easily.

7. Provide a search function. Search ability is one of the most important navigators in a website. You can now give your visitors the power of search by using Google’s Custom Search Engine.

8. Over crowding. This is pretty common for web designers to add to many elements to pages. It gives off an unprofessional look and is difficult to navigate through all the information.

9. Readable content. Ensure that contents readable for all different kinds of visitors. The older the visitors are the more likely they will have a harder time reading the content, and most of these same people are unaware of browser resizing options.

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