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How effective Web Banners are?

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How effective Web Banners are?

A curse or a blessing?

Website designers and website admins must keep in mind that the effectiveness of banners has already begun to drop. Therefore, they should look for less antagonizing ways of spreading marketing messages on their sites. The use of banners worked in the past, but not anymore. Web users have trained themselves to ignore them. Even worse, studies suggest that banners can lead a website losing users, especially if the banners are colorful, flashing and animated to attract attention. There is a reason why Ad-blockers have become such big business….

The number of people who can access the web has grown from 30 Million in the 90’s to more than 7 Billion.

Every single minute, there are more Google searches than there were people on the web back in the 90’s. There are 10 times more emails sent compared to 20 years ago.

And so the number of banners ads we’ve served all these web visitors has grown as well. The banner ad display format is expected to grow 7% this year to more, despite the crazy insane lack of effectiveness.

Marketers are blindly shifting their ad budgets into digital ad formats that are seeing lower and lower response rates.

Instead of interrupting our content experiences, content marketing promises to be the content our customers are looking for. Content marketing seeks to earn an audience vs. buying it.

And when you create content that people actually want, content that actually helps them, then you build a relationship based on trust.

And trust is what ultimately drives conversion to real sales, real customers, and real business value.

If you need more stats:


  • The Average Click Thru Rate for Banners is 0.06%
  • The Average Click Thru Rate for Banners is 0.06%
  • Only 9% of Digital Ads are viewed more than 1 second
  • 25% of us use ad blockers, up 34% vs. previous year
  • 90% of ad clicks are by “bots”


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