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Video is Exploding on Social Media

video on social media

Video is Exploding on Social Media

Three fantastic easy to use Tools to help you create fabulous, creative, engaging Video Content.

There has really been an explosion of growth in video on social media over the last years. It is estimated that by the end of 2019, up to 80% of all Internet traffic will come from video! No matter if you’re not a professional graphic designer or editor you can easily create your social media videos with your own identity and style. There is an abundance of tools available which enable you to create and edit amazing video content, even with no previous experience.

Video is all the rage right now!!! What are you waiting for then? Latch onto this trend and create your own social media videos quickly and easily. What you really need to know is where to look. You don’t actually need to film anything yourself nowadays as some video creation tools also offer huge libraries of footage that you can utilize, along with images, templates and music (optional) that you can add to your videos.

However, to become a successful video marketer you have to experiment a lot across a wide range of creative strategies to identify what works for your brand, and keep in mind that entertainment tends to be the winner on social media, as does emotionally-charged content…

Here are three fantastic easy to use tools for creating your own social video content:


Biteable is a great option for creating social media videos, ads or explainer videos. Once you’ve chosen your favorite template, added and edited all of your scenes, the next thing to do is to change the colors – you can add your own custom colors – to match your branding. Finally, the last step before previewing and publishing your video is to add music (if you want to) from the Biteable audio library.


Wave is a Super-easy to use video creator. It is significant to note that Wave also comes with a huge library of over 200 million stock video clips (you can of course upload and use your own visual content).

One of the greatest advantage to use  Wave is that you can very easily create the same video for any format, at once – landscape, square, mobile, Facebook cover, Instagram Story, etc. You have to be careful though, as you can’t share the same video on just any platform without optimizing first. It won’t look its best if you are not using the right format for each channel. Music and subtitles are also available. Once you are done with the editing of your video, you can even add a watermark to protect yourself and help promote your brand.


Adobe Spark

The Adobe Spark free graphic design app is an easy to use tool which enables you to create social media images, web pages with great graphics and of course Fantastic, Creative video stories! They don’t have a video clip library, but you can search for free images in-app.

The tool is designed to make the process quite easy – once you pick a template, the app tells you exactly what you should add in your video story.

It seems quite basic, but your ”video productions” can be really stunning – you just need to have the right and relevant images and videos to use in your video. You can also change the theme of your video, play around with the colors, as well as change the layout of the screen.

You can even record yourself speaking over the video if you wish, and here again, you can also add music to your video – either from your own library or from the audio clips available in the library of the app.

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