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Top 5 web design trends for 2020

web design trends 2020

Top 5 web design trends for 2020

It’s time to make an educated guess on the web design trends for 2020. Developers and creators follow the trends to make the product to look mainly fresh and different which will create an advantage.

A decision to follow the trends sometimes is risky. It is difficult to say which trends will finally overcome and it’s easy to make mistakes that will cause problems.

In this article we have summarized the top 10 web design trends that will dominate.


Bold Fonts

bold fonts

The most known websites around the world already use an eye catching font. The headlines are now designed. Most of them are designed with very large bold fonts. In this way the message goes directly to the viewer. Bold fonts also give designs a modern feel.

Bold fonts improve text readability which makes them very popular among mobile designers. On the other hand is important to use bold fonts where needed and not over doing it.


Photos combined with illustrations

photos with illustrations

A huge trend in web design is combining photos with illustrations that are simple. This can be a photo with simple 2D illustrations. In this way illustrations will either replace parts of the photos or interact with them to create a fun mixture of two realities.



web design trends patterns

Patterns are not something new but are making a comeback in 2020 and are very refreshing. We used to patterns that covered the page backgrounds, now will spread only on separate parts of the background which makes them very popular.


Personal touches

personal touches

Hand drawn designs elements give emotion and personalization into websites, which users seem to like. In 2020, adding some hand-drawn realness gives web designs the heart and soul visitors find appealing.


Dark mode

dark mode web design trend

Dark mode is a good option to have fir a more delightful UX as it brings out the content and it’s easier on the eye. It is going to be interesting to see how designers push dark mode further on 2020. Here at Air Balloon Digital Studio we already plan to launch 2 websites having in mind this trend.