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Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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SEO Techniques

Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques update every year. Year by year Cypriot Companies and individuals give more emphasis to their websites and therefore to SEO.

Let’s have a look at some of the best SEO techniques that will work for you. They may look quite relevant, but they are modified.

Keywords Research
Keywords are still one of the most important SEO tools when it comes to page ranking, but the approach has slightly changed. Earlier, a specific set of keywords were targeted on the basis of the frequency of the search terms, but this is not applicable anymore. Although 2 to 3% keyword density is essential for blogs, keyword stuffing is again a big NO as it results in content displaying only keywords and nothing else. This time “user intent” is a major consideration for keywords as most of the traffic on your site is driven by the users who are interested in your business. For example, if I use the keywords Cyprus, web design, etc for this blog as many times as possible it doesn’t affect the SEO as it was a few years ago.

User Experience
User experience is the greatest concern for SEO. Even the search engines are also constantly trying to improve their performance by bringing the best possible results to the user. Designing a friendly and sensible user experience ensures your site’s popularity among the users through likes, comments, shares, and bookmarks, increasing traffics and backlinks which greatly boosts your ranking on the search results page.

Content has now become an essential tool in search engine optimization of your website. So if you want your website to rank in the top Cyprus websites through google or any other search engine, you have to give emphasis in content. Now if you are thinking how to create an engaging content, then the answer is quite simple – make sure that your content has the following features:
• It is written for the user and not for the search engines.
• It provides valuable information to the user.
• The information given on the page fulfills the requirement of the user.
• The content is supported by suitable images, videos or infographics wherever required as they not only make your content more engaging but also help in ranking.
• The content is not a duplicate one. A creative content has its own taste; apart from giving the pleasure of reading, it also impresses the search engines with its quality and originality.
Although YouTube is a good place to upload your video content you can also upload a video on your own website as it greatly increases the value of your website. Moreover, since videos are still not so frequent, there are chances that your site may rank in the higher positions of the search results page.

Social Signals
Social signals are a great ranking factor. Although very recently been realized, the aspect has gained popularity very fast. The main idea behind using social signals on your web page is taking the advantage of increasing social networking for your organic SEO ranking. Suppose you have come up with a unique content and you want more and more people to see it. Can you think of anything faster than social media? By using social signals, you encourage people to like or share your content on their sites or give their valuable comments and reviews which greatly boost your brand’s online visibility and popularity. Increased number of likes, shares, and comments on Facebook, increased popularity on Twitter and Google+, more and number of inbound links, positive reviews, increasing audience, and engaging time – all these are nothing but indicators of a healthy search engine optimization.

Responsive Web Design
With the increasing use of mobiles and tablets, there is also increase in the demand for mobile-friendly websites. But at times, a Responsive Web Design may prove to be a better option for you in comparison to a separate mobile website. So, how to choose between the two?
Well, if you consider SEO as a key element of your digital marketing strategy, then a Responsive Web Design becomes inevitable for you. With its single URL and the same HTML irrespective of the device, a Responsive Web Design makes it easier for the search engines to crawl and index the pages. Moreover, it also offers a great user-experience across many devices (be it a mobile, a tablet or a PC) and screen sizes – and a happy user means your task is half accomplished.
Not only the search engine or the user but even you, as an SEO can enjoy the benefits of a Responsive website. Unlike separate mobile websites where you deal with separate SEO campaigns, in case of a responsive website you deal with a single SEO campaign which reduces your task by fifty percent.
But the best technique so far is, undoubtedly, creating quality content for your website. And it is true, as at the end of the day, what users will look for is the content and nothing else. Content with its text, images and videos or infographics, is probably the strongest factor that improves your website’s ranking.
I am sure there are many more techniques that I haven’t discussed but is there in your knowledge, so feel free to share with us, so that together we can help our websites thrive in this tough internet world.