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Top Key SEO Tips for every Facebook Page in Cyprus

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Top Key SEO Tips for every Facebook Page in Cyprus

In the last couple of years, Facebook Pages are increasingly becoming a “second home page” for businesses online in the Cyprus market and in the whole developed world in general. Trends are rapidly changed and Facebook page owners in Cyprus are trying to understand how pages work and develop new ideas on how to promote their businesses. Facebook has moved to the next step and created new opportunities for pages to get more traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Post direct links to your website (or other relevant sites) in your Page’s stream
There are the well-known actions like invitations, news feed, message, etc which play an important role in spreading the content through Facebook and get more fans.
On the other hand, Search engine optimization exposes your Facebook Page to Facebook’s entire userbase. In fact, Facebook itself has taken major steps to improve its own SEO during recent weeks and months, creating opportunities for Page owners to benefit directly while creating value for Facebook at the same time.
There are some important tips a Page owner should know:
Choose the best name for your Facebook Page – and don’t change it
Choosing the right name for your Facebook Page is vital. Despite the temptation to stuff your Page title with high-value generic keywords – like “Air Balloon Web Design: Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, Cyprus – Web Services” – this approach will actually harm your Page’s viral growth rate inside Facebook more than it will help through better SEO. For example, if your page’s title appears too spammy, fans will be less likely to share it with their friends on their profile and more likely to hide your updates from their News Feed.
Use your business’s real name as the name of your page. And once you pick your Page’s name, don’t change it.
Select the best URL (Facebook username) for your Facebook Page
Facebook gives you the option to choose a vanity URL (username) for your Facebook Page, one of the most important SEO opportunities on Facebook to date. When you choose a Facebook username for your Page, your Page’s URL becomes Usernames can be selected at
The safest option – and wisest long-term bet in our view – is to choose a username that authentically represents your business or brand. Once you pick a Facebook username/URL for your Page, it cannot be changed. So pick a username you’re going to be comfortable with and confident in for the long term.
Use the “About” text box to place keyword-dense prose near the top of your Page
One important SEO strategy that should be employed on your Facebook Page whenever feasible is placing keyword-dense prose as close to the top of the Page as possible. Because Facebook limits where Page owners can place large chunks of text on the default Wall tab of Facebook Pages, the “About” box actually represents the highest place in the CSS structure of the page to add custom text.
Post direct links to your website (or other relevant sites) in your Page’s stream
Status updates offer a powerful way to place direct links near the top of your Page’s structure. Because Google boosts pages that link to relevant sites – and dings pages that link to unrelated sites or add too many links too suddenly – posting links in status updates can be a powerful and authentic way to boost your Facebook Page’s link score.
Strengthen Facebook linking by getting fans to comment and like content in your stream
When fans comment or like content in your Facebook Page’s stream, Facebook links their name back to their Facebook profile page. As a result, when the profile stubs of those fans who have posted comments and likes on your Page are indexed, Google will see more reciprocal links between your Page and your Page’s fans (in a way that grows organically over time), which it will see as a stronger bond. This creates a virtuous cycle of improved link weight from the indexed profile page stubs to your Page and vice versa.

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