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Pafos Regional Board of Tourism

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The Pafos Regional Board of Tourism is the official body representing, under one umbrella, all sectors involved in the tourism industry at a regional level. Its mission is to showcase and promote the region of Pafos to both the international and local tourist markets but also to provide specific and valuable information to media and travel trade professionals from around the world.

The previous website at had already run its course and was due to be upgraded in order to reflect a new fresh brand and demonstrate the branding and style the Board wished to convey.

We built the new re-designed website in WordPress content management system (CMS). WordPress in this particular case was also more than ideal for the training of the team of Pafos Regional Board of Tourism after the site would go live.


We layered in carefully the element color palettes and special typography to give the website its own unique look. All the graphic work and templates were exclusively custom-made to follow the rebranding strategy of Pafos Regional Board of Tourism and the appearance of the website was enhanced with the use of latest technologies.

Because there was a large volume of pages, categories, and sections, we developed a smart home page, specially created to guide the visitor to all main sections. We designed each main section to work as a landing page, where all the relevant subpages are stated. For example under the “Proud Heritage,” we included the museums’ page, archaeological sites, etc.

Finally, the site is multilingual with the option to add as many languages as needed.

It uses a modern, clean and smart navigation and provides an interactive events and news plugin which can regularly be updated by the team of Pafos Regional Board of Tourism.

The special typography and the totally custom-made graphics and templates give the site a unique, special look and feel that fully reflect the new brand of “The Pafos Region”.  The image of the site successfully incorporates the brand essence, the company’s mission statement as well as the culture of the organization.

The website incorporates an important area with videos and photos. Also, an events section has a significant place in the new site. To highlight this new section and make it always easily accessible to the visitor, we designed and created a small tab icon on the upper right of all pages as a secondary menu for the news & events.

It is significant to stress that as the structure of the site smartly features each section as a landing page, it successfully categorizes future digital marketing campaigns without the need to create new landing pages each time.

Particular attention was required – and the end result is fantastic –  as the target audience for the website is very varied and encompasses many countries as well as different socio-economic and age groups. The website caters for both people living in Cyprus and international visitors. Trade professionals and media from around the world can also be catered for with specific trade information.

Overall the level of simplicity, the detailed yet clear information as well as the cross-linking content ensure a laidback, enjoyable and seamless user experience.