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vasilikon winery

Vasilikon Winery

Vasilikon Winery

Vasilikon Winery is one of the first local wineries of Cyprus, established in 1993 by the brothers Heracles, Georgios and Giannis Kyriakides. Its successful operation is based on the excellent qual¬ity grapes of Kathikas and the Akamas Laona areas of Pafos, which are mainly picked from the family’s vineyards. Furthermore, the knowledge, dedication, and care exhibited by these winemak¬ers, together with the technologically advanced special machinery used, make Vasilikon one of the most accomplished wineries in Cyprus.

For Vasilikon Winery we have build a new website and we have set their Social Media Marketing strategy.

The new website is fully responsive using the latest trends and technology. We focused on simplicity, the detailed yet clear information as well as the cross-linking content ensure a laidback, enjoyable and seamless user experience. All designs are tailor made by our partner Graphic Design Cult.

One of the unique elements of the new website is the timeline which presents the history and achievements of Vasilikon Winery through the years.

As for the Social Media Marketing, we have implemented a new strategy for Facebook and Instagram. Our goal is to create a new digital footprint for Vasilikon that will positively impact the online presence of the brand. This practice will promote the brand and content on social media channels to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for the Winery.