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Smili Project

The Cypriot crochet travels all over the world and becomes a unique, favorite accessory for every elegant woman who knows and appreciates the value and the art of a handmade bag. The idea of the creator and designer of the “Smili Project” was born several years ago and has its roots in family tradition and the passion for handicraft.

Influenced by the different cultures and techniques together with her own unique style, the creator successfully uses different materials to create art in every single bag offering a design that is both modern and classic, a chic bag that is timeless… The bags are unique pieces and one can find no two identical bags. They are all carefully designed with love and emphasis on detail, quality of materials and impeccable finish.

We have designed and delivered a young and minimal e-commerce website that features all the handmade bags with detailed descriptions and sparkling pictures. Through this modern and friendly to navigate online shop, buyers can easily choose and securely buy their own unique “Smili” bag from the comfort of their home, the office or even while they are relaxed away on holiday… Fast loading and fully responsive to all web browsers and modern devices the ‘SmiliProject’s’ inspiring e-commerce website offers the buyer an exceptional online shopping experience.