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pafos municipality new website

Pafos Municipality

Pafos Municipality

We have been assigned to redesign the new website for Pafos Municipality. The previous website had already run its course and was due to be upgraded in order to reflect a new fresh look and demonstrate the branding and style the Municipality wished to convey.

We have built the newly re-designed website having in mind the usability and easy access of the audience.

We layered carefully each element to give the website its own unique look. We developed a smart home page, especially to guide the visitor to all main sections. The site is multilingual and new languages will be added in the near future. It uses a modern, clean, and smart navigation and successfully categorizes all the useful sectors and services of the Municipality.

Overall the level of simplicity, the detailed yet clear information as well as the cross-linking content ensure a laidback, enjoyable and seamless user experience.

pafos new site
pafos website mobile

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