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Mitos website


“Heraclitus” Research Center of the Cyprus University of Technology


Mitos application is a dynamic free e-tourist guide developed by “Heraclitus” Research Center of the Cyprus University of Technology.

The vision behind this website is to collect and distribute information and suggestions to the demanding visitors who want to explore the beauties of Cyprus, enjoy authentic Cypriot gastronomy, experience the traditional hospitality and get to know less promoted aspects of an island full of culture and tradition.

We built the website of MITOS with WordPress content management system (CMS). We layered in carefully the element color palettes and special typography to give the website its own unique look. All the graphic work and templates were exclusively custom-made to follow the branding strategy of MITOS and the appearance of the website was enhanced with the use of latest technologies.

It uses a modern, clean and smart navigation and provides an interactive events plugin. The graphics and templates give the site a unique, special look and feel that fully reflect the brand.

It is significant to stress that as the structure of the site smartly features each section as a landing page, it successfully categorizes future digital marketing campaigns without the need to create new landing pages each time.

Overall the level of simplicity, the detailed yet clear information as well as the cross-linking content ensure a laidback, enjoyable and seamless user experience.