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lifebank cyprus



We recently completed a project for Lifebank, a leading provider of stem cell banking, DNA-based diagnostics, and supplements & nutraceuticals in Cyprus. Lifebank is one of the pioneers in Cord Blood Banking in Cyprus.

The company was initially established to provide the safest and most reliable service available in the field of human tissue and cell banking. Today the company operates in 3 main fields: -Stem Cell Banking/Technologies -DNA based diagnostics -Supplements and nutriceuticals

The previous Lifebank website was outdated and did not reflect the company’s modern identity and services. We created a new website that is fully responsive, modern, and clean. The website features an eCommerce section for the company’s supplements & nutraceuticals, which accepts secure payments through JCC.

The technical architecture of the website combines the corporate site and a detailed presentation of the Supplement and nutriceutical products. The website is fully responsive and perfectly represents the company’s main fields in a clear and fresh style.

We are proud to have created a website that meets the needs of Lifebank and its customers. If you are looking for a web design agency in Cyprus, please contact us today.