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Heartland of Legends

Heartland of Legends

The Heartland of Legends is a project that we’ve put together for the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Cyprus and it will lead you to hidden places, help you unwind, enjoy slow life, it will tantalize your taste buds and allow your soul to travel to a time long ago, with these magical stories.

This custom-designed project was created with the collaboration of the Heracletous Research Center from the Cyprus University of Technology. We have managed to present with a unique way the vision of the Cyprus Deputy Ministry.

We layered in carefully the element color palettes and special typography to give the website its own unique look. All the graphic work and templates were exclusively custom-made to follow the rebranding strategy of the Heartland of Legends project and the appearance of the website was enhanced with the use of the latest technologies.

It is significant to stress out that the structure of the site smartly features each section and especially each route as a stand-alone page. We have used animated videos and interactive maps for each route that gives the end-user a taste of the real Cyprus.