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Anemi Hotel

Anemi Hotel & Suites

Anemi Hotel & Suites

Anemi Hotel and Suites is one of our latest projects in the Hotel Industry. We have undertaken this project with the aim to recreate its brand-new digital footprint.

The hotel has been recently fundamentally remodeled to recreate the style and panache of a chic, boutique hotel whilst still retaining the comfort and ease of a family-run establishment.

As the first step of their new digital footprint, we have designed, implemented and have been managing their social media strategy.
In the meantime, we have designed and developed a modern website that aligns with the new face of Anemi. The site is fully responsive to all known mobile devices and compatible with the most common browsers. It uses a modern, clean and smart navigation easily accessible to all users.

It’s integrated with a new powerful online booking system that is intuitive and user-friendly and will make the procedure of booking easy and speedy.
AirBalloon’s Digital Marketing strategy also includes an On-page and Off-page SEO strategy which is complimented by with a comprehensive package of content marketing.