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Alma Signs

Alma Signs

Alma Signs

Alma Signs Ltd was established in 1987 in Pafos. Our vision was to create and produce unique and visually attractive high-quality advertising signs.

In 1991, the first sign production factory was created in Cyprus. This constituted a major turning point in the art of sign making in Cyprus and for the future of Alma Signs.

Alma Signs has over 30 personnel, which are trained in the design and manufacturing of all types of signs, from back light signs to metallic signs, large billboards to neon signs, car signage, and digital prints.

We built a new redesigned website  with large fonts and elements which are bonding perfectly with the brand identity of Alma Signs. We have focused on primary content and smarter information flow.

With its front page, the website shows its simplicity and style with an amazing short video footage. The visual trademark of Alma Signs is unveiled behind the basic elements.

Images are a returning element and maintain their importance, bringing balance between different content types. We have placed emphasis on projects section. We wanted the website to show the growth that the company experienced over the years.

The design is fully responsive and adapts perfectly in all mobile devices.