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Making the Web a Better Place: Prioritizing Accessibility

Accessible Web

Making the Web a Better Place: Prioritizing Accessibility

In a digital age, there’s an opportunity for web creators to foster inclusivity and empathy online. As a global community of web creators, we hold the power to shape the World Wide Web into a better, more accessible space.


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our reliance on digital platforms. From ordering groceries to attending virtual meetings, our lives are now intricately intertwined with the internet. When embarking on new web projects, we often craft meticulous design plans tailored to specific user personas. Let’s make a resolution to view the internet through a different lens – one that ensures technology serves all people, irrespective of their abilities, economic situation, age, education, or geographic location.


This transformation involves a simple shift in mindset and workflow adjustments. It begins during the project’s kickoff phase, where we assume the responsibility of educating our clients about accessibility and the legal requirements associated with it. By considering accessibility from the outset and dedicating a bit more time and effort, we can profoundly influence a website’s design and functionality. This shift enables us to make thoughtful choices regarding color schemes, font sizes, alternative text, and support for keyboard navigation.


Designing with accessibility in mind not only fosters new styles and design conventions but also revolutionizes the way we experience the web as a whole. It signifies a commitment to leaving no one behind in our digital endeavors.


In essence, web creators have the potential to be digital pioneers, setting the standards for a more inclusive and compassionate internet. By championing accessibility, we create an online world where everyone, regardless of their background or abilities, can engage meaningfully and find the services they need. Let’s make this year’s resolution one that transcends personal goals and enriches the digital landscape for all. Together, we can truly make the web a better place.