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Important Facts for Google

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Google Facts

Important Facts for Google

Important Facts for Google that every Marketer should know about

The digital marketing strategy of every company is extremely important to be up to date.
While is important to have in mind all platforms when creating your content strategy, is crucial to focus on Google platform since is the leader by far compared to other platforms.

Below are some important facts:

-Google went down for only 5 minutes and the global internet traffic went down by 40%. So the presence of your business in Google is extremely important.
– Every minute there are more than 2.3 million searches in google. What are the odds that you haven’t search for something within a day? Probably the first result in your search will be more than satisfactory.
– 20% of all searches in Google are being searched for the first time. It is important that marketers should think how to tailor their content strategy so that they find the balance between targeting very competitive and established keywords as well as less popular searches that are coming up. A great idea is to use Google Trends to find these opportunities
-The top 5 results on google get the 70% of the clicks. The position of your business in the results is of utmost importance.
– One in six people on the planet uses the Google. Google is the most powerful search engine in the world.
– Another important fact is that 10% of the searchers are looking for specific detailed content and Google’s algorithm has this in mind. Google prefers well written and longer content with those that are short.
– Mobile devices: More than 50% of global searches and more than 40% of searches in Cyprus are conducted across mobile devices. Google has updated its algorithm to take into account mobile website usability.
– 18% of local searches will lead to a sale the same day. Focusing on local SEO is a good strategy.
– Google is on top of all engines and has the biggest market share and the biggest bet you have to win towards generation an impression.