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Facebook launches Messenger for kids

messenger for kids

Facebook launches Messenger for kids

Social networking has become an everyday part of life for kids, teens, and adults alike. While teens enjoy social apps like Instagram and Snapchat,  Facebook is geared toward adults. Facebook’s Messenger Kids is an ideal introduction to online communication for kids aged 6 to 12.

Parents and other trusted adults use their own Messenger account to message and video chat with a child who’s using Messenger Kids. Parents don’t have to worry about ads, in-app purchases, or any Facebook tie-ins for their kids.

Parents set controls and review and manage their kids’ contacts via a Parent Dashboard. Children can block or report unwanted contact, and when they do so, their parents will be notified.
Parents approve all contacts their child wants to add and can remove any contact at any time. Set the app to sleep mode during times you don’t want your child using the app, such as homework time or bedtime.

Messages in Messenger Kids don’t disappear and can’t be hidden, so parents can check in on their child’s.

With parental controls and kid-friendly features, Messenger Kids offers children all the fun of digital communication in a safely controlled environment.

Parents set up and manage their child’s Messenger Kids account through their own Facebook account, and Mom and Dad control their child’s contact list.



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