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How to Create a Great Landing Page

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Landing Page Creation

How to Create a Great Landing Page

Actually almost every website has a landing page, but only few are developed with the proper way.

Let’s start from what is a landing page. A landing page is the first page a visitor sees when on your site. So every single page in your website can be considered as a landing page.If a visitors searches “your portfolio” along with your company name, your portfolio page becomes a landing page for the specific search.

How a simple landing page can drastically change positively the image of your business?

There are a lot of kinds of landing pages which serve different purposes.

A great landing page has 4 essential features:

  1. A great headline that talks to the potential buyers, intrigues them by giving them a rough idea of what you do and how you can benefit them.
  2. A great sub­-headline(optional, but helpful) that illustrates e​xactly what you do and makes you sound capable and important.​
  3. Obvious call ­to­ action.It needs to stand out and yet be a part of the overall conversation. Behave as though it were saying: “​Sounds good? Let’s get started then!” Oh, and feature just one CTA prominently. Too many, and your message can get muddled.
  4. Supporting visuals.​ This can be a video too. S​howthem what it would be like to use your product and remove the guesswork.

The strongest benefit comes when a CTA is posted where an interested prospect will bump into it.

So this page includes…

  • Relevant l​ogo and branding
  • A concise and clear d​escription of the product
  • The price​in sub­-heading
  • repeat of the sub­-heading/​most important value proposition
  • A list of services
  • Imageso​f the products ­in­ action

The trends in landing pages are constantly changing. Video ­based landing pages have caught on big time in the last couple of years.

Some analyists clame that the video embedding versus images in landing pages is much more effective The actual results are not as clear ­cut as you might think. Each project is different and in some cases it is better to use an image instead of a video.

In general the landing page must stands out from the croud. Do not over use CTA buttons. Balance is the secret ingredient in a successful landing page.