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Content is King…and Queen

copywriter content is king

Content is King…and Queen

The key ingredient for a successful digital marketing campaign/plan is great content.  So if you are interested to improve your copywriting skills and create unique and engaging social media posts check out the top tips below.

  1. Do you know your audience? Their needs, lifestyle…even their humor. You have to be versatile and flexible depending on who your audience is. Never forget that you write for them and not for yourself: you write to attract their attention, to educate them, to amuse them, to stimulate their emotions…
  1. Be polite but always direct, real and lively. A real person speaks to your audience and not an encyclopedia or an academic or a politician…Imagine you talk to a friend over a cup of coffee face to face.
  1. Be simple and clear. “The wise must have clear speech,” said the Ancient Greeks.  Your message must be easily and quickly understood. Remember: we live in the era of a large volume of data and information at an unprecedented speed.
  1. Use strong verbs. Verbs are the highlights of a sentence. Moreover, do not start sentences with “There is” or “There are”: Cut to the chase.
  1. Be confident when you talk to your audience, otherwise, you lose the game. Avoid using phrases like “we think”, “we believe” etc. Instead, use confidently “we recommend”, “we advise”, often why not “we deliver’’ – meaning we produce, we come through with.
  1. Always double-check punctuation and grammar mistakes. Your SEO strategy will also be affected by grammar mistakes.

Oh! And let me add one more tip: The most difficult part is the first and second sentence. So if you are having trouble with that, start where it is easiest!


Article by: Polynikis Charalambides

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