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Are you keeping up with the competition on Facebook

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Facebook competition

Are you keeping up with the competition on Facebook

Are you interested in knowing what is and isn’t working for your competitors? All social media and especially Facebook marketers in Cyprus and worldwide are trying to see what content gets the best results.

In this article, we will analyze how facebook insights can help you deliver the right content to your audience.

The tool for tracking competitors in Facebook has become extremely important to the administrators of Facebook pages. A lot of admins in Cyprus do not even notice the new tool.

The first version only allowed you to see changes in competitors’ number of likes, which is hardly enough intel to sink one’s teeth into. There were other issues too which is pointless to analyze them in this article.

With the newest version of Pages to Watch, everything changed. Now no one will know if you’re watching.
Even better, the Insights module will show you several metrics relating to your competition’s Facebook activity, including the number of posts by page admins, number of fan interactions and a leaderboard of the five top-performing posts across all watched pages.

Perhaps the toughest aspect of using Pages to Watch is deciding which pages to monitor. Should you focus on direct competitors? What other options are there?
By definition, your competitors have the same goals you do, more or less.
It makes sense to keep an eye on what those competitors are doing. Keeping tabs on them tells you what they think their biggest strengths are, what they’re emphasizing in their messaging, how their strongest marketing succeeds and what simply doesn’t work.

You’ll gain a better understanding of what you can do better, where you have the most potential to improve, how your audience and brand positioning differs from theirs and even what engagement tactics you can tweak to make your own.
There are plenty of pages worth tracking that have absolutely nothing to do with your industry.
Pay attention to other types of organizations in a similar, but not identical, field.
To really get in touch with your audience’s preferences, look at completely unrelated brands that your audience happens to like.

To find those, go to Facebook’s search bar and type in Pages liked by people who like my page (using your actual page name, obviously). This will pull up a huge number of results you can filter by page type—movies, political beliefs, schools and more.

The insights you gain from tracking your watched pages are rich, but Facebook won’t show you more than one week’s worth of engagement data at a time. So it is important to keep notes every week and check the other pages at least once a week.

So as you can see it is time to start using Facebook tools to their full potential.

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