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3 Golden Tips to connect with your audience emotionally!

social media be emotional

3 Golden Tips to connect with your audience emotionally!

Our emotions are the primary driver of our actions.

If we want to generate more positive engagement on social media, we definitely must connect with our audience on an emotional level using valuable content that moves them, offers them knowledge, and solutions to their problems, daily matters etc.

Be direct, be real: Talk to your customers like you’re sitting across the dinner table from one another or having a coffee with chit-chat. They need to know you are real like they are.  Show them pictures or videos of your staff and workplace. Your business has real people and your customers like to see who is behind the scenes of their favorite product or service.

Show that you really care: Offer your customers knowledge, solutions to their problems. Come up with your own topics that offer your unique take on situations. Show your audience that you care, give them tips and advice and you’ll see your audience come back again and again.

Be humorous: Make your brand memorable with humor. Funny content gets shared more on social media (don’t overdo it). If you want your customers to associate good feelings with your brand, make them smile… make them laugh.